Monday, September 18, 2006

IASAS Leadership

The traveling is done for some time now. I got back from Singapore yesterday afternoon, and I am beat after a trip to the states, two days of school, and then a trip to Singapore.

The leadership retreat went well. It is an event totally student run. Singapore American School did a fantastic job as the host. The big event was on Saturday where they set up "The Amazing Race" bouncing the students all over the city on the MRT (the subway system). They were given clues and things to find, taste, and to take photos of...they had a great time. As sponsors, there was not much for us to do, so I had a lot of free time to visit my favorite spots....the Apple Store, Border's Books, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Brew works (my favorite spot for a burger and brew), and people gazing on Orchard Road. It is my kind of trip to be a sponsor for...

Back to the normal routine today. Our softball league starts tonight, so got a game at 8:00 tonight. I start teaching my Photoshop course tomorrow night, and will do that twice a week for 10 weeks. So that is three nights a week I will be busy. AND...I am taking 19 ninth graders to Papua for a dive trip, and we have to certify all of them before we leave (they will do their open water dives in Papua). So Mike and I will be very busy getting 19 kids in the pool and getting them certified. With all of that, plus school stuff, I will be a very busy guy.

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