Sunday, October 08, 2006

IASAS Volleyball and Cross Country

JIS hosted the five other IASAS Schools for Volleyball and Cross Country the past three days. The soccer teams all traveled to Bangkok for their tournament. It is ALOT of work hosting...I put in 14 hour days for three days as I had to do all the team photos, make two posters, and then had to take photos of most all games in order to present a slide show at the closing ceremony last night. All went well, but I am beat tired. Volleyball is VERY difficult to get good photos with the dark gyms and fast movement. I was also told I couldn't use my flash while the ball was in play unless I get the shot at their backs. With those limitations, it was really tough to get decent shots. The four photos above are examples of the things I was shooting. It was fun, but a great deal of work, and I am glad the three days are is nice to be back home with my family who had forgotten who I was.

In other news, we meet the other contractor for our house tomorrow night. This is the guy that I hope we go with....I am just nervous that his price will be too high as well. We are almost at the point of just saying "build it" and we will worry about the money later. We will see.

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Sam said...

Hi! It's Sam Lloyd, the redhead runner in that fourth picture you have. That's a really nice photo and in fact I'm even using it as one of my senior pictures. I was going to use the low-resolution one off your website but I only just thought to comment on your site. Is there possibly a higher-quality one in your possession that I could obtain? My email is redheadaussie(at)gmail(dot)com.