Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two New Galleries

Be sure to check out my account (link is just over to the right of this post). I have posted two new galleries. One from our boys trip to Flores and Komodo (small gallery) and one that contains some miscellaneous photos from trips all over.

I am off to Papua tomorrow with 18 freshmen students. Nine girls and nine boys. Mike and I have been working with the kids the past month getting them ready for their open water dives. We have had four pool sessions and four academic sessions with them, and will do the 5th confined water and academic session with them when we get to Papua. Most will be very good in the water. There are a couple of mousey Korean girls that we are bit worried about, but in the end, I think they will do fine. I am most worried about myself. I picked up a cold yesterday, and it is in full form as I write this post. I will have to take some major drugs to dry myself up in order to get down. The timing is really bad...why couldn't it had been last week or the week after the trip?? Argggggh!!

No internet, no TV, no nothing where we will be diving. We will be in paradise, and be rest assured I will take plenty of this will be my last post for a week.....see you next Thursday.

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