Friday, June 15, 2012

Game of Chess

Had a great couple of days in Singapore seeing some old friends. We didn't get out much, but had a great time talking, laughing, drinking good beer, and catching up with good friends. It was a nice break from the regular routine here in Jakarta. I also picked up my new underwater housing for the camera I still don't have...the D800. The D800 is on order, but who knows when I will actually have it in hand.

I liked this photo of these kids playing chess in Jakarta...Have a great weekend!!


Mike said...

Nice story telling, I like your use of B&W in this one also.

Mike said...

Scotty, thanks for dropping by and posting. You're correct about the Skywatch days, my last post was back in December of 2009. At that time I had your blog on my watch list, as I do again now. I've always found your work top shelf, you put a lot of craftsmanship into your posts. It's coming up on a year since relocating from Maine to Sarasota FL. I'm having to readjust to photographing in a flat subtropical climate, but it's coming together. Stop by again!

Paz said...

I like this photo, too, of the kids! Nice to see them with something other than an electronic device. :)